Engineering Services

Whether you are interested in full custom engineering services or lowering your engineering costs by using one of our products, KST has a team of multi-disciplened engineers capable of creating an optimized solution for you.

Hardware Engineering

Engineering mobile hardware accessories is a unique skillset. Product cost, security, requirements, battery life, and size are just a few vital parameters that drive our goal of creating the right hardware solution. Our full breadth of IoT knowledge means that KST can optimize the flow of data from hardware all the way to the Cloud, making the proper design tradeoffs along the way.

We do schematic, layout, verification, testing, and characterization all here onsite and will work with your desired manufacturer or our own to help build and deploy your solution.

Mobile Development

Whether handset or tablet, iOS or Android, Windows or Mac, KST has the expertise to create the solution to the problems that your customers want to solve. Our engineering team has specific expertise in communicating from mobile devices to wired or wireless hardware as well as the Cloud, effectively holding hands between your remote sensor and the people who need to take action on the data.

Cloud Architecture

The Cloud is more than just a repository for your data. It represents the database for your visualization layer, your deep learning analytics engine, the glue logic between your hardware and people’s mobile app views, and so much more. Choosing the proper Cloud target for your application, that will scale well with cost, ship notifications on-time and at scale while meeting the demands of the people using the app, and the very different demands of bi-directional communication with hardware, can be a challenging task.

KST has expertise in integrating your IoT requirements with existing and popular third party platforms, such as Arrow Connect, Firebase, and AWS. And, for a more customized experience but with reasonable costs, we can also offer you the power of our Covalence Platform, even if you do not need a UI layer.

Mechanical Engineering

IoT products, ranging from wearables to industrial wireless sensors, all have unique enclosure and environmental requirements. If predictions of temperature inside your device enclosure are off, battery performance, sensor performance, and overall product experience may suffer. KST can perform not only your finite element analysis of your solution, but we also can perform an environmental analysis, assist with NEMA or IP standards, and assist with integration into your target application.

KST integrates Solidworks-based modeling with Altium-based Printed Circuit Board design to guarantee that your first product revision will fit perfectly into the chosen or designed enclosure. Onsite SLA 3D printing means that we can quickly provide you with the ability to hold and inspect your next product creation with minimal investment.

UI / UX Design

Stitching together a hardware accessory, a mobile app, a gateway, an application server, and a customer facing dynamic website takes coordination and experience. KST has specific expertise in making this entire workflow operate as seamlessly and intuitively as possible. The IoT demands that attention and care be given to each and every decision in the product development cycle.

Our UI/UX engineering extends beyond pixels on an app to the actual experience of on-boarding hardware to the Cloud.

Firmware Development

Firmware is essentially software running on your hardware. KST has dedicated engineers who have worked with the simplest 8-bit microcontrollers to the most complex application processors running Android and Linux. Architecting firmware correctly means future-proofing your code, supporting Over-the-Air updates from Day 1, using resources wisely to conserve battery, and securing your data transmissions from prying eyes or botnets wishing to host malicious code on your products.

Today’s microcontrollers offer significant advantages over those available just 10 years ago, as we see integration of radio technology, protocol stacks such as Bluetooth Low Energy or WiFi, complex power-down modes for maximum battery conservation, and so much more. KST’s firmware engineering experts work hand-in-hand with our hardware engineers and app engineers to create the best possible experience for your customers.