About Us

Our History

  1. KS Technologies (KST) was founded in April 2003, in gorgeous Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have dedicated engineering expertise on staff in the key areas of Hardware, iOS, Android, and UI/UX Engineering.

    Throughout its history, KST has put special emphasis on the combination of hardware, mobile, desktop, and cloud-based solutions. Our size and a “key player in every position” strategy makes us agile in an ever-changing mobile landscape. We all get incredibly excited about the potential of connecting devices to the Internet to provide global access to highly localized data!

  2. When the company was first founded, KST’s primary services to clients were related to custom web app development, ranging from hosting to back-end SQL database architecture, and HTML/PHP development.

  3. KST saw a need to expand into desktop development services and began offering products and services in the Mac OS X space.

  4. KST added mobile expertise by heading into iOS and mobile app development thanks to the very first iOS SDK.

  5. KST was accepted into Apple’s Made for iPod (MFi) Program with the introduction of iPhone OS 3.0. This began KST’s entrée into connecting cloud, mobile app, and hardware accessory for the first time.

  6. KST added Android engineering to its portfolio of services, with the introduction of Gingerbread and API Level 10, which brought the Open Accessory Library to the platform, paving the way to building USB-based accessories.

  7. KST began its first work in Bluetooth Low Energy, thanks to the introduction of the iPhone 4s into the Apple ecosystem.

  8. KST launched its first major product, Particle, a device aimed at the emerging Bluetooth Low Energy-based proximity market.

  9. Building on the success of Particle, KST introduced Ion to market. It's outdoor, rugged packaging, longer battery life, and new temperature sensor brought with it a world of new applications.

  10. KST expanded its engineering services offerings with Embedded Linux development, paving the way for future growth in IoT Edge Gateways and processing.

  11. KST created several key relationships. Building on our multi-year relationship with Nordic Semiconductor, we expanded into a relationship with Texas Instruments, becoming a part of their Design Network (Near Infrared Spectroscopy). We began building custom Dell 5000 Series IoT Edge Gateway solutions and dabbling with the emergence of a new network topology for the IoT - the Low-Power Wide Area Network.

  12. KST introduced its third product to market, Unity. The first of a series of planned Sensor Co-processors, Unity brings together four+ years of beacon experience into a sensor engine that bears its own FCC/IC module-level certification. Unity is more than a single product - it's a platform at the edge, gateway, app, and cloud level that allows you to pick and choose the needed functionality to complement your IoT product.

The Talent

Bob Kressin

President / Ship’s Captain

Holds two degrees in Electrical Engineering and two US Patents. Expertise in Hardware Engineering, iOS App Development & Embedded Systems Engineering. Has an unnatural affection for wireless sensor applications.

Devin Saavedra

UI / UX Engineer

Holds a BA in Graphic Design with years of experience under his belt. An all around designer focusing on User Interface & User Experience designs. Loves all things mobile & has an army of zombie toys on his desk.

Harlan Shoop

Engineering Director

Holds a degree in Electrical Engineering. Combines Server Side Design, Embedded Systems Engineering, and over a decade of Test and Product Engineering experience. Harlan is fascinated with connecting embedded systems to the cloud.

Collin Mast

Design Engineer

Holds a BS in Electrical Engineering with a passion for digital electronics, embedded systems and firmware. Enjoys learning and loves well-commented code more than a good book.

Barb Ferrier

Director of Finance

Has garnered a “lifetime” of experience in administration and finance, seeing beyond the debits and credits to systems and potentials. Barb brings strategic thinking and vision to the daily business operations.

Daniel Norris

Mechanical Engineer

Holds a BS in Mechanical engineering with a passion for solving problems and understanding how things work. Enjoys everything from enclosure design to thermal computations. Daniel loves family, outdoors and inventing.

John Groenhof

Design Engineer

Holds a BS in Software Engineering and is hooked on iOS engineering with Swift. Oddly enjoys discussing design patterns as much as implementing them, and has a passion for writing code that makes music.

Mark Rieker

Product Director

Holds a BS in Computer Engineering and a Project Management Professional certification. Loves traveling, putting things together and retro arcade games.

Chris Willecke

Design Engineer

Holds a BS in electrical engineering and is passionate about making things light up. Had an RGB gaming PC before it was cool. He also loves hiking and the outdoors.