Distance Sensor

Contact-less measurement of solid and liquid levels within 10-cm accuracy

The KST3300, our Distance Sensor, is a patent pending device capable of contact-less measurement of solid and liquid levels within 10-cm accuracy. It is capable of transmitting that information over short ranges using Bluetooth Low Energy or long range using a variety of Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) or Cellular radios.

Since the KST3300 is powered by our flexible Unity V8 Engine (KST1020), we are able to offer customization services to meet your particular data or transmission needs. And since the device is generally capable of measuring virtually any object within this accuracy and up to 2-meters away, the KST3300 is an ideal sensor choice for a variety of Internet-of-Things applications.


  • ARM Cortex M4F Floating Point Processing Capability

  • Bluetooth Low Energy-based Communication to Mobile Apps and Gateways

  • Distance from sensor to within 10-cm accuracy up to 2-meters away

  • Accelerometer that allows orientation measurements in all three axes with 1/1000th g-force accuracy up to 8-g’s

  • Temperature and humidity in environments ranging from -20°C to +50°C

  • Magnetic field detect for power-up and down as well as mode switching

 x2 C Cells

 IP66 Rated Case

 55.4 x 113.2ø mm

Available through distribution soon!