The beacon that developers love

Particle uses either iBeacon™, Eddystone™, or a combination of both technologies to talk to other Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices, like your iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac. It emits advertisements which can be discovered by your device for indoor navigation, asset tracking, micro-location based content, and more!

Particle does not require any third party SDK! You can use the stock iOS & Android SDKs to listen for Particle’s BLE advertisements. Engineered and manufactured here in the USA, we offer a full Particle API that describes how you can connect, configure, and perform firmware updates for Particle in your own application.


Indoor Use

65 x 35 x 11mm

Particle’s firmware and hardware are fully customizable to fit your specific needs. The device is currently certified by the FCC (US), IC (Canada) and CE (EU). KST can white label Particle with your logo and register your branded device with the FCC, IC, and CE.

Particle is 100% compliant with both the Apple iBeacon Specification as well as the Eddystone Specification.

We’ve taken a “no strings attached” approach to Particle – it is an iBeacon and/or Eddystone in its purest form, allowing you to craft whatever experience you can imagine! There is no recurring licensing fees, no required SDK, and you are not required to register your device with us.