Unity V8 Engine

A Sensor Co-Processor For the Internet of Things

The KST1020, Unity V8 Engine, is a Bluetooth Low Energy-centered sensing engine that is designed to be the heart of your next Internet of Things project. By carrying its own FCC/IC module-level certification, the KST1020 is ready for integrating into your latest new product or dropping into your existing product.

You can either add the Unity V8 Engine directly to your custom product’s PCB as a surface mount module, or you can simply power it within your product itself, augmenting it with the module’s sensing and wireless communication abilities. Large pads, accessible on both the top and bottom of the board, make connecting power supply a simple matter. Mounting and battery clip holes, coupled with its own FCC/IC certification, lower your time to market for your connected product.


  • ARM Cortex M4F Floating Point Processing Capability

  • Bluetooth Low Energy-based Communication to Mobile Apps and Gateways

  • 3-axis Accelerometer

  • Temperature Sensing

  • Humidity Sensing

  • Push Button

  • RGB LED for status and other indicator requirements

  • M2 screw hole mounts for secure fastening