Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Bringing the art to life.

Our KST3020 (Ion) serves as your tour guide when you experience our free Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center app, available on both iOS and Android.

When you're not in Colorado Springs, the app shows you the very latest collection that is available for you to view, including its history, information about the artist, and even videos describing the behind-the-scenes information that gives art such a rich history.

When you're at the CSFAC, our Ion devices swings into gear, giving you a personal tour of the facility. As you approach a piece of art in the collection, the app comes alive, offering to take you right to the detailed information that you're curious about. Beacons are a wonderful way to experience micro-location, contextually aware information, and no where is this better on display than the FAC. Let us know if you'd like a personal tour.

  • Museum info

  • Curated videos

  • Interactive art using iBeacon technology

“We’re constantly thinking of how we can engage with our guests on new and different levels. Selecting key works of art to outfit with iBeacon technology created an exciting opportunity for us to present visitors with the option to take a deeper dive with expanded text, photos, videos, etc. adding depth to their museum experience. KST has been an incredible partner in creating this dynamic feature.”

Dori Mitchell (Director of Marketing & Communications - Fine Arts Center at Colorado College)