The easy tool for configuring KST Sensor Engines

Covalence, available for both iOS and Android, allows you to connect to any KST1020-based (Unity V8 Engine) devices and configure them any way you want. We use a GATT Profile that is compatible with our free Unity Engine SDKs for iOS and Android!

Changing passcodes, streaming Unity Engine sensor data, modifying transmit power, and even checking uptime status are all available to you using this free tool. Our engineering services team can use the Covalence app as a baseline for creating your own, custom beacon commissioning experience.

Covalence is the easiest way to configure your Unity Engine, get that data streaming to the Cloud via our Covalence web app, and to figure out if the Unity Engine is the right tool for your IoT Project.

iOS available now, Android coming soon!

  • Discover and connect to Unity Engines

  • Stream Sensor data locally and to the Cloud - accelerometer, temperature, humidity, push button ... whatever Unity Engine has to offer

  • Write new RGB LED blink patterns and state

  • Update your Unity Engine firmware

  • Read all key characteristics – sensor state, battery life, firmware version, iBeacon & Eddystone parameters, and more

  • Modify Business hours to increase battery life