The easy tool for configuring KST Beacons

Commissioner, available for both iOS and Android, allows you to connect to your KST3010 (Particle) or KST3020 (Ion) devices and configure them any way you want. We use a standard GATT Profile, which means no need for any private SDKs, KST's or otherwise, for a royalty-free experience.

Changing passcodes, decreasing transmit power, and even changing your iBeacon Measured Power parameter are all available to you using this free tool. Our engineering services team can use the Commissioner app as a baseline for creating your own, custom beacon commissioning experience.

  • Discover and connect to Particle & Ion

  • Read all key characteristics – iBeacon & Eddystone parameters, battery life, firmware, and more!

  • Modify iBeacon parameters – UUID, Major & Minor ID, Tranmission Power, and Measured Power

  • Modify Eddystone parameters – URL, Power levels & Power modes

  • Modify Business hours to increase battery life even more!