Setup Guide

What's in the Box?

Included in the box, you will find the following:

  • 1 Affinity Hotspot
  • 1 WiFi Antenna
  • 1 GPS Antenna
  • 1 LoRaWAN Antenna

  • Optional Items Available Separately:

  • Wall Mounting Hardware
  • 2m Cat 5e Ethernet Cable
  • 12V 1A(12W) DC Power Supply
  • 802.3af PoE Injector
  • Affinity
    Affinity Antennas
    WiFi, GPS, and LoRa Antenna

    Connecting the Antennas

    Affinity with Antennas Attached

    Use the artwork on the inside of the Affinity packaging to match up the antennas if you are unsure. Or you can reference the images shown below.

    Affinity Antenna Types

    Connecting Power

    The Affinity Hotspot has two power options:

  • 12V 1A(12W) DC Power Supply
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af)

  • Connect either DC Power or PoE to power up the Affinity. The AcTink display will update from the factory image to the standard operation image.

    Affinity Bottom Connectors

    First Boot

    Factory Image
    Set Location
    Standard Operation

    Upon receiving your Affinity, you will see the factory image on the AcTink Electronic Paper Display. After powering the Affinity, this image will transition to the set location image. This is a warning that the location has to be set before being able to mine HNT. Once the location is set via the Affinity Mobile App, the AcTink image will transition to the standard operation image. You will see the following information on the AcTink Display:

  • Local Time (upates every 15mins)
  • Power Supply type, WiFi Signal Strength*, GPS Location, and Ethernet Connectivity
  • Helium Hotspot Name
  • IP Address
  • Online Status
  • Blockchain Sync Status
  • Number of Packets Forwarded
  • Internal Temperature
  • Serial Number, Company Name, and Custom Text

  • * Coming Soon

    Affinity Mobile Management App

    Affinity by KST Android App is a unique and disruptive Hotspot management tool for users that require robust streamlined management for their Hotspot fleet. Our App dashboard view allows the user visibility into their Hotspots’ status including HNT mined, total HNT mined, and Hotspot location. We further provide a health metric layer in which the health of every hotspot is available and indicated by Normal, Warning, and Error states. This health metric color scheme can be seen throughout the app to give the user a quick glance status on what is going on. The app also allows the user to complete firmware over the air updates, troubleshoot connectivity, and monitor the health of Hotspots from any location. The Affinity by KST Android App also allows for Hotspot filtering and sorting, enabling the user to hone in on important metrics and specific hotspots.

    To see more details about your Affinity Hotspots, you can toggle between the quick-glance dashboard view and a list view. The list view lets you filter on the health metrics and sort by various conditions, allowing you to find the hotspots you need quickly. With the favoriting ability, these hotspots will always be pinned to the top of the list. (unless you are sorting and or filtering does not include these hotspots)

    To dive deeper into a hotspot you can tap on one from the list view to see key details about the specific Affinity Hotspot. From here you can take action by updating the antenna type and gain, restarting the hotspot, and others.

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    Quick-Glance Dashboard
    List View

    * Screenshots are not final. App may differ from what is shown here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To provide the best experience possible for our enterprise customers, we ship with the latest miner image at time of factory flash & test of your order. At the worst scenario, you will bebetween 1-5 versions behind on the image due to transit times and your own personal install time commitments. Syncing to the blockchain should be achievable within hours vs other makers who take up to 48 hours to sync to the blockchain.

    Yes. The Affinity is FCC certified using a 2.2 dBi antenna. Using an antenna that is not specified by KST could put the user out of compliance with FCC regulations and void the Affinity warranty.

    Once WiFi is enabled you will be able to follow the below steps to configure WiFi.

    You will need to use the Affinity Mobile app for Android to configure WiFi and a USB Type-C cable to either Micro-USB or Type-C depending on the USB port on your phone. You will then connect the USB Type-C to the Affinity USB Type-C Port and connec the other end to your Android phone. Within the Affinity Mobile app, you will tap on the USB icon. From there you will be able to configure and setup WiFi.

    The Helium miner will use approximately 225GB per month. This is based on individual use case and can fluctuate.

    No, the KST7020 Affinity Helium Hotspot is an Indoor only Hotspot. Putting the KST7020 Affinity hotspot outside will void the warranty. KST is launching an industrial enterprise grade outdoor version with several backhaul options. Please reach out to us for additional information at

    If you opened up the Affinity enclosure, you have voided your warranty. For assistance, please contact us at

    All Affinity Hotspot mananagement is done through the Affinity by KST app.

    It is recommended that you enable TCP ports 44158 in both directions in your router/modem. Please check your router’s/modem’s manufacturing instructions on how to open ports 44158.

    If you are unsure how to do this, check out